Introduced species


Toads' missed opportunity

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Did you know that cane toad leather products sold in Australia are not made from Australian cane toads?


Swamped: Up to your Arse in Alligators

16 & 18 November

What does Jack Bonhom have in that box? Science performance group, The Masters of Space and Time, present a razor-sharp black comedy exploring how our good choices lead us to disaster:

Melbourne, 1866: Jack Bonhom is preparing to unveil the latest acquisition of the Victorian Acclimatisation Society, that august and learned group of academics, land-owners and other men of Empire, dedicated to the civilisation of the Australian bush. Little do they know that within that curtained crate lay what may have been the perfect introduced species: the Brazilian agouti. Long lived, golden-haired, readily domesticated, the southern American rodent was gifted with a favourable taste, a skin which makes excellent leather and with strong, sharp claws. Sharp enough certainly, to make it through a wooden crate…

Where: The Australian Museum, cnr College St & William St, central Sydney.
Time: Music from 5.30 pm, performance at 6 pm. Light refreshments to follow 40 minute performance.
Cost: $10 (bookings essential).
Click here to see an animated trailer for this performance. Click here to book online or call (02) 9320 6342.

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