Green Cleaning

Fed up with cleaners that strip back more than the grease? Try these eco

Squeegee me

Prevent moisture-fuelled mould and soap scum with a squeegee.

Ask G: Clean carpets

Carpets need to be cleaned, so what's an eco-friendly way that works?
Odourless Composting

Bokashi Bins

Our intrepid writer puts odourless indoor composting to the test.


Lauren Singer

I haven't made any trash in 2 years

One blogger's commitment to zero waste sustainable living.

Yes, aerosol’s can be recycled!

Venting frustration at the fact Aussies only recycle 40% of aerosol cans.

Tips for your haven

Over the next month, we'll give the best advice in home, garden, & style!


    Six ways to add style and save power - use louvres in your home.

    Six ways to use Louvres in your home.

    Organic cotton basics with Bhumi

    High quality and completely gorgeous organic cotton products.

    Greening and weatherproofing your garage

    How to make this space more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

    How To...

    Christmas wreath

    DIY Christmas wreath

    Easy enough for a child to create, yet sophisticated and stylish.

    DIY Fence Post Planter Box

    A gift involving a little upcyclihg handiwork shows that you really care.

    How to: install a water-efficient showerhead

    Save on water without compromising flow or pressure when lathering up.

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    Ask G


    Ask G: old CFL globes

    What do I do with old CFL light globes when they have burnt out?

    Ask G: Fragrant fair trade flowers

    Are florists able to offer fair trade bouquets, or other alternatives?

    Ask us: how is latex made?

    Take a look into the fascinating way that natural latex is made.