Ethical super

Monday, 25 March 2013

Want to know exactly where your superannuation money is going? Danielle Chenery talks us through how she switched to investing her money ethically.

School of Life

15 July

For the first time ever in Australia, an introduction to The School of Life comes to Sydney, to coincide with the publication of their new series of guides for everyday living. In this ‘taster’ format, there will be four short 'how to' talks by Gretel Killeen, Anna Rose, John Armstrong and Tom Chatfield on current topics like communicating authentically, making a difference to climate change, money stress and thriving in the digital age.

Where: Sydney Opera House
When: 4PM, 15 July 2012
Cost: $30
Click here for more information

Girl with laptop in green park

How to make your tax return a little greener

Friday, 25 June 2010

Doing your taxes is pretty boring. But it can be an opportunity to keep making your life a little more sustainable - find out how!

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