Love food hate waste

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste - Live and Uncut

Monday, April 8, 2013
In NSW, 20% of the food we buy gets wasted, and this wasted food makes up the largest component of our garbage bins. Join Australia's first MasterChef Julie Goodwin, cooking family the Fultons, science communicator Bernie Hobbs, DIY guru Lish Fejer and the 1 Million Women team to celebrate food, cooking and learn how to minimise your food waste!
The event will involve live demonstrations, entertainment, prizes and refreshments, and is completely free to attend!

Where: Parramatta Town Hall
When: 9:00am
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What a waste of food

Friday, 4 November 2011

Aussies routinely throw out vast quantities of food without a second thought. Here’s why food waste matters and how you can make a change for the better.

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