dirtgirl in your garden

The lovable children's character has created some very smart seeds to plant.


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Product name: dirtgirlworld organic smart seeds

Manufacturer: Dirt Girl World

Price: $7.95

G Rating:


Here’s a super way to use technology to get the kids outside and growing food: dirtgirl has created the first seeds that tell you to how grow them, called ‘smart seeds’.

Point an iPhone at the seed marker and dirtgirl will pop up in your world!

The perfect precursor to getting your kids outdoors and doing it themselves, dirtgirl has no mess, which is perfect for teaching kids how to grow their own veggies.

Even without an iPhone, the packet has a special code that still gives you access to dirtgirl’s online growing club.

The link to download the new supercharged dirtgirlworld app can be found at, where you can also purchase the organic seeds for $7.95 a packet, including postage.

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