Caught on a pole & a line

Safcol tuna is affordable, attainable, and much more ethical than most other tinned tuna brands.

Safcol Tuna

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Product name: Safcol responsibly-fished Tuna

Manufacturer: Sacol

Price: $3.50

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Tuna are quickly disappearing from our oceans due to severe overfishing and habitat destruction.

In better news, after a long Greenpeace campaign on canned tuna, Australia will soon become the second market in the world - after the UK - to commit to responsible fishing methods for all of its canned tuna, abolishing destructive tuna fishing from our shelves.

However, many brands of tinned tuna still on the market in Australia are unsustainable and detrimental to the health of our oceans.

If you’re still munching on tuna, be sure to switch to a canned brand that’s affordable, attainable, and more ethical.

Safcol announced a switch to 100 per cent pole and line caught skipjack tuna in 2010, earning them a ‘good’ ranking on Greenpeace’s tough Canned Tuna Guide.

Safcol tinned tuna is caught by pole and line, and without the use of fish attracting devices, so you can munch with a clear conscience.

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