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Product name: Endota organic facial

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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With 2013 well underway now, it's worth asking yourself if you've got into good habits or bad ones.

We think a pretty good habit to start is regularly taking "me time" out for yourself, and generally looking after yourself.

The lovely staff at all the endota spas across Australia are a pretty sure bet to make you feel spoilt. Treat yourself to their organic facial, and your body will surely thank you for the respect. The endota organic day spa facials use all-Australian ingredients.

The first sign is a better, clearer frame of mind. We're pretty sure this has something to do with the soothing aromatherapy oils in the air! The next is the smooth, supple skin that you're rewarded with for the next few days up to a week.

Throughout 2013, endota will have a special offer each month. So get yourself into good habits early this year, and get into the routine of a regular treatment.

As prices vary from spa-to-spa, so just refer to the spa menu for your chosen location. Spa menus are available from their website:

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