Revenge of the Electric Car

A film that looks inside a very ingenious industry.

Revenge of the Electric Car

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Start your electric engines folks! The global resurgence of electric cars has lead to a battle between car companies – Nissan, General Motors and Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley.

The film Revenge of the Electric Car takes you behind closed doors to see how seriously companies are taking the electric car, as they try to outdo each other with a better range and more marketable vehicles.

Directed by Chris Paine, this film reveals what's been happening over the past three years in the electric car industry, and shows that once an idea has taken hold, it can't be stopped (even though many have tried!).

This is a follow-up to the film Who Killed the Electric Car?, also directed by Payne, but you don't have to have seen one before you see the other - it's a spine-tingling ride either way.

We particularly loved this film because of the charismatic people in it, all 'larger than life' big business people, displaying more passion about electric cars than you've ever seen before.

Seeing this film makes it seem as though having more electric cars whizzing around on our roads is closer than we think.

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