Trash on the edge

Have a greener harvest with this eco-friendly, recycled veggie bed.

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Product name: Cosset's Raised Garden Bed

Reviewer: Suzanne Chellingworth

Manufacturer: Cosset

Price: 2m x 1m bed, $295.90.

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While you probably wouldn't think that you can get much greener than your garden, the beds and edging you choose should not be overlooked.

With many timbers and treated pines not suitable for raised garden beds intended for vegetables, we’re loving the healthy and eco-friendly option of Cosset’s Raised Garden Bed.

The edging material is constructed of compounded recycled plastic and recycled timber, making it stronger than recycled plastic, and preventing kilos of rubbish entering landfill.

With easy DIY assembly, once installed, the toxin-free edges are maintenance free, eliminating the rot, rust, cracking and splintering associated with regular garden edging.

Coming in 5 different sizes, there's a bed to suit any type of garden space, and the long-lasting, food grade materials will ensure you have a healthy harvest for years on end.

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