Tobie & Matt: Asia & Europe

Chef Toby Puttock and wine writer Matt Skinner challenge themselves to create flavoursome dishes accompanied by delicious wines while travelling through Asia and Europe.


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Product name: Tobie & Matt: Asia & Europe

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Publisher: MADMAN

Price: $24.95 (2 DVDs)

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Watch chef Tobie Puttock (Restaurant Fifteen Melbourne and Jamie’s Kitchen Australia) and wine writer Matt Skinner (head of wine operations for Restaurant Fifteen Group and author of The Juice) discover some of the most famous food and wine destinations in Europe and Asia.

Their first task at each travel destination is to find expat Aussies, friends of friends or locals who have spent time in Australia to act as their guides and mentors.

In just three days, the duo select a stunning local wine and a locally-inspired three-course meal to serve up for their hosts.

A real journey of discovery, their quick assimilation of the local flavours in each destination gives the viewer a fantastic insight into the local food and wine, while giving the guys a challenge to put their knowledge to the test.

Discover some of Asia’s best food and wine destinations with delicious recipes and wine recommendations from Tobie and Matt delivered in their easy to follow, Aussie way.

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