How to eat more vegies

Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food has yet another great cookbook – this time, it's a comprehensive knowledge base for how to increase the amount of vegetables in your life.

Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian

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Product name: Supercharged Food: Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian

Reviewer: Alycia Crofton

Author: Lee Holmes

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Price: $35

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This book makes nutting out the problems that make people hesitant and wary about buying fresh produce easy.

From how to store fresh food for optimal usage, to a rundown of the essential nutrients they provide, plus a shopping list and meal planner, now you’ve got no excuses to make a good-go of incorporating incredible vegetarian meals into your life.

The recipes begin with smoothies and juices to start getting used to the flavours of vegetables without the crunch, and feel the benefits of superfood nutrients.

For breakfast it’s hearty, warm meals to get your digestive juices flowing, and to fill you full of energy until lunch. The savoury muffins are great on-the-go option, whilst the Indian Spiced Vegetable Porridge is a break away from traditionally, bland limited breakky options.

For a main try the French Roasted Ratatouille made from use-by-today vegies with a side of power-packed crunchy Green Beans and Spinach.

If they’re not already, most recipes have a practical option to ‘veganise’, and a clear key for intolerances and dietary requirements.

Lee certainly has a way with food, and her personable writing style means that you’ll end up thinking of her like a good friend who helps you in the kitchen.

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