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Here it is – your complete, seasonal manual for sustainable Australian gardens, Dig Deeper!

Dig Deeper

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Dig Deeper by Meredith Kirton is a definitive gardening manual for the modern gardener.

This new book is an update of Kirton’s best-selling book Dig that was published ten years ago.

Meredith is a woman who has been completely and utterly committed to gardening and horticulture for more than 25 years. She’s contributed articles to many Australian magazines, appeared on television, and had regular segments on radio as a gardening expert. Her passion for gardening has taken her around Australia and aboard to visit and give practical advice on many of the world’s most beautiful and unique gardens.

Inspired by her own experience over the last decade – including how the landscape of gardening has changed due to climate change and new discoveries – the book attempts to bring gardeners up-to-date with the newest and best information available.

Written in a simple, easy to understand style, the gardening techniques are carefully explained and illustrated clearly in step-by-step instructions.

The book is designed beautifully, and the pages are presented in an earthy palette to gives you the feel of getting up close and personal with the soil. We’re impressed that every single-page spread is brimming with incredible photography. Some pages feature photographs that are presented as gorgeous double-page spreads so you can explore even the smallest details.

Meredith has brought together information for gardeners and farmers to learn how to manage the opportunities and challenges of both vegetable gardening, as well as growing traditional flowers and shrubs. In all areas of gardening, she incorporates her discoveries on the best methods for pest control and recent breakthroughs in plant breeding.

Dig Deeper will provide answers to all your garden queries and inspire you with creative and innovative ideas to create an environmentally-sustainable garden.

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