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The conundrum of getting ethical omega-3's in your diet is easily solved with this fish-friendly supplement.


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There's an important new film that's premiered in Australia this week – and no, it doesn't have Angelina Jolie in it.

The film is called Mission Blue, which follows the story of ocean conservation advocate Sylvia Earle.

In the film, Earle explains that our oceans are at major risk, and that we need to stop pulling so many fish out of the ocean with destructive fishing methods. She explains that fish don't make the healthy omega-3 fats found in their meat themselves; fish get it from the marine microalgae that they eat – and that we can do the same!

It's true that omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are indeed very essential to our health. We can't make them ourselves, yet we need them for brain function, heart and eye health, to reduce inflammation, and more.

The problem is, very few of us have the means or the stomach to be able to sit down to a plate of marine microalgae a few times a week. Even if we wanted to, we'd have to wait until consumer demand is high enough to create a new market so freshly harvested microalgae is readily available.

What there is a market for, however, is vegan or vegetarian sources of omega, often as supplements. Previously, these were made from flaxseeds, however this is only the less potent version of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which our body needs to converted to DHA or EPA before we can use it.

Another bonus of going straight to the source for omega-3's is that you'll avoid ingesting harmful heavy heavy metals – particularly mercury – found in fish meat.

Lifestream's v-omega 3 is one of the most powerful combinations of all-natural algae (Schizochytrium sp) and plant based ingredients on the market. It's has equivalent levels of omega-3 as a fish oil tablet – plus there's the added the advantage of vitamin D, an all-too-common deficiency in today's indoor-oriented society. Vitamin D is particularly important for bone strength for vegetarians and vegans, who don't get this vitamin from meat.

So why not get your essential nutrients from a plant based, sustainable resource, free from impurities and contaminants, without the fishy smell or aftertaste?

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