Sunscreen with a bright side

Natural Instinct's sunscreen has almost every green credential going for it, but can it live up to the hype?

Sunscreen with a bright side

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Product name: Natural Instinct's SPF 30 Natural Suncreen

Reviewer: Jessica Crisp

Price: $21.95

Size: 200 g

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Finding a good, natural suncreen can be a tough task.

Protecting our skin from those harsh sun rays is important, but so is a product that is as natural and kind to the environment as can be.

Natural Instinct is one of Australia's original pioneers of natural skin and hair care, so it's safe to say they know their stuff.

All of their products are formulated with the finest plant-derived ingredients, certified-organic extracts, and pure essential oils. They are also animal friendly, vegan, greywater safe, and the packaging is fully recyclable.

The sunscreen is chemical UV filter free, and has a broad range of ingredients to protect against those harmful UVA and UVB rays. To offer this level of protection without chemicals, Natural Instinct uses naturally sourced Zinc Oxide which complies with Australian and European Union non-nano standards. So there's none of those pesky nano-particles hanging around.

The cream is also enriched with moisturising jojoba, shea butter, green tea, rosehip, vitamin E, and beeswax (which helps make it water resistant for three hours). Although we found that it doesn't smell quite as enticing as it sounds. It's a somewhat earthy smell that goes away after you apply it anyway.

This is a great option is you want as natural a sunscreen as you can possibly get; it's ethical, safe and environmentally friendly.

At $21.95 for 200 ml it’s one of the fairest prices for quality, natural sunscreen on the market. But bear in mind, if you’re spending the whole day at the beach, you'll need to reapply to dry skin every two hours, so you'll get through a tube pretty quickly.

As always, make sure that you avoid being out at the hottest part of the day, and cover up (which is a much safer option for your body anyway), so you don’t have to apply too much.

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