Teddy bears' picnic

Cute kids' felt figurines that support the cause of highlighting the problems with unsustainable palm oil.


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Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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When the clever designers at Eggpicnic found out that 80 per cent of wild animal habitat in Indonesia has been destroyed by palm oil plantations, they wanted to spread the word about the issue.

Handmade in Australia, 15 per cent of the sales from these gorgeous felt figurines are donated to Palm Oil Investigations ( who help inform consumers about the wide range of consumer products made with unsustainable palm oil.

So far, the gorgeous figurines are an orangutan or a Borneo pygmy elephant.

To learn more about palm oil – identifying where it's lurking in your lifestyle, and learning how to find more sustainable choices – check out our recent feature, The Truth About Palm Oil.

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