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Not just for cooling down in the summer time, the Tower Circulator by Vornado also helps keep your home warm in winter too.


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Product name: 143 Tower Circulator

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Manufacturer: Vornado

Price: $199

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We're all for saving energy here at Green Lifestyle, and will always opt for natural methods – such as passive solar design, switching off appliances when they're not needed, and plain old-fashioned 'rugging-up' – when it comes to heating (or cooling) your home.

But in addition to good common sense, did you know that by using a combination of a couple of great, low-energy appliances, you can actually reduce your total energy bill?

The Tower Circulators from Vornado are practical, multi-purpose appliances that provide year-round use to keep a comfortable temperature in your home. They don't take up precious floor space in your home, and even look stylish to boot.

At first, it might sound ridiculous to use a fan in your home in winter – but because hot air rises and cool air falls, without the correct type of air circulation in the cooler months, all the heat in your home will stay up near the ceiling unless you circulate it.

Rather than wasting precious hot air in winter, it's better to create an even distribution of heat throughout the room you're using. You can use the heat that you have more effectively by choosing a gentle, low-speed setting on your fan and pointing it at the ceiling. And yes, because the primary way we heat our homes is through the air (not an efficient method), proper room circulation can help save you money on your power bills.

But this year-round technique doesn't work with just any type of fan – only the multi-use ones that have adjustable speeds and directions. Even ceiling fans can agitate the air too much, causing an unwanted downdraft.

The 143 Tower Circulator features the company's signature V-Flow technology, which moves air consistently around a room for up to 18 metres. Come summer, you'll be able to keep the same appliance to help cool your home efficiently.

What's even better is the inclusion of an energy-saving timer; simply set the timer and the tower will automatically switch off at intervals between one and eight hours. And, we love that these family-safe designs are made with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements in mind.

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