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Budding green kids will love Herbert Peabody and his extraordinary vegetable patch.


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Product name: Herbert Peabody and His Extraordinary Vegetable Patch

Reviewer: Rivqa Rafael

Author: Bianca Cross

Publisher: Farinet

Price: $18.95

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It’s well known that all too many city children think that food comes from the supermarket, rather than animals and plants.

So, what better way to teach them than a story featuring a sweet-tempered potato gardener named Herbie?

Through the course of the story, Herbie must work to engage his gadget-fixated niece and nephew and instigate a community project to help save a local bakery – with his wondrous gardening skills, of course.

Food, garden, family and community dovetail into a beautiful message that children in the target age range (four to nine) will understand and delight in.

Bianca Ross hits all the right notes with her gentle, yet fun-loving main character, and Tabitha Emma Bray’s cheery illustrations complement the story perfectly.

Herbert Peabody and His Extraordinary Vegetable Patch is an enjoyable book to read aloud to the children in your life, or a great first chapter book for budding greenies.

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