Disappearing cartridges

A solid solution to plastic cartridges

Phaser 8560 printer, Colour Stix print cartridges

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Product name: Phaser 8560 printer & Colour Stix print cartridges

Reviewer: Josh Cockfield

Manufacturer: Fuji Xerox

Price: Phaser 8560 printer, $2,194.50; Colour Stix cartridges, $104.50

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Fuji Xerox has come up with a novel solution to keeping printer cartridges out of landfill - they've ditched the plastic, leaving a block of solid ink.

For every 100,000 pages of printing, standard laser printers produce 71 kg of plastic waste compared to 2 kg from the solid ink system.

The Phaser 8560 printer, which uses the ink, retails for $2,194.50 and six-pack of Colour Stix print cartridges, $104.50, should last for about 6,800 pages of printing.

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