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Weleda's range of three natural deodorants are pungent with all-natural scent.

Weleda's Sage Deoderant

Weleda's citrus deoderant

Weleda's Wild Rose Deoderant

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Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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Many people know Bali as a place where you sweat profusely, and the mosquitoes are massive.

I gave myself a congratulatory pat on the back for taking these multi-purpose products with me on a recent trip to Bali.

I knew it was inevitable that in such a hot climate I would sweat in the tropical weather, so I took Weleda's herby Sage and their fresh-scented Citrus Deodorant with me to help with 'masking' any smell from 'BO'. But, just as any space-savvy traveller loves to find a multi-purpose product, I was pleased to work out that the Weleda deodorants also doubled as temporary insect-repellant.

Now don't get me wrong – it's important to avoid being infected with mosquito-borne diseases like malaria or dengue fever by taking all the precautions of covering bare skin, and to have a strong repellant in many countries, including Bali. But I didn't get one bite while using the spray deodorant.

I'm using the Wild Rose deodorant now I'm back home, and the harmonising floral fragrance is so divine that I use a spray or two just before bed to help me relax.

If you're one of those people who hasn't made the switch to using natural deodorants yet, it's a really important thing to do for yourself.

The truth is, we need to sweat. It's one of the ways our body gets rid of toxins, so it's actually quite healthy to sweat.

Most conventional deodorants use aluminium to clog-up the pores and stop them from being able to work properly. There have been some studies to show that blocking the natural function of sweat can lead to certain cancers, although overall the evidence is still inconclusive.

There are some DIY deodorants that you can make yourself out of bi-carb, but I found these
fiddly to apply, and they can leave white marks on dark-coloured clothing. Lemon was too harsh on my skin, and coconut oil only seemed to work for a short time.

If you've decided to make the switch away from chemical-based deodorants, make sure you get a proven product for your first time, so you don't get a bad impression of all natural deodorants. Also, have a few different types or scents of natural deodorants. It's good to switch them around every two or three weeks, just so the bacteria that feed on your sweat (don't worry, they're meant to be there) don't get used to the ingredients in one type. You can always go back to the old type again, so long as you mix it up a bit.

And hey, if the Weleda natural deodorant really doesn't work for you, you can always use it as a scent or mosquito-repellant instead!

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