Natural skincare advice

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Get real about your skin with these tips from a natural skincare expert.

Irene Falcone

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Irene Falcone is the founder of toxin-free beauty website, Nourished Life, where she researches and carefully tests every product before it's even considered for listing on the site.

One of my bug bears in the toxin-free product world is… the flippant and overuse of the words 'natural' and 'pure' when the products are nowhere near natural! It's simply a marketing ploy and the industry is so unregulated. To make sure you're buying truly safe, natural products, look for the words Certified natural, Made with organic ingredients or Certified Organic.

Healthy living to me is about… balance. Enjoy your glass of wine but wake up with a green smoothie, go out dancing but care for your body with some yoga, dress up but use natural products that will nourish your skin, work hard but make time for your family and above all, do what makes you happy!

Advice I have for anyone who has had trouble with their skincare is… switch to natural products. In the same way eating junk food leads to health issues, the same can be said about the junk we put on our skin. Vitamin and mineral rich plant extracts and cold pressed oils on our skin is going to be so much better for us than petro-chemicals and Parabens! Also ensure that you choose a range of skincare that is suited to your skin type, if you have dry skin, you don't want to be making it worse by using products made for oily skin!

My favorite new product at the moment is… the new 100% Pure anti-ageing lipsticks! They have the most beautiful creamy, moisturising texture, deep bright colours and are formulated with superfruit ingredients to prevent fine lines!

The goal I'm setting myself for 2015 is… to double the size and product range of Nourished Life!