Australians suffering "environment fatigue" - survey




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Australians are less concerned and more confused about climate change than ever before, despite an influx of information from government and media outlets, according to a new survey.

Concern about climate change has dropped significantly over the past year compared to other environmental issues, found the Ipsos-Eureka Social Research Institute.

The survey revealed that almost one in ten Australians still questions the validity of climate change.

When asked to select an issue they would take action on if they were in charge, only 46 per cent of Australia's selected climate change from the list of environment issues. This result was down from 55 per cent the previous year.

"Even with some people doubting the reality of climate change, around nine in ten Australians say that climate change poses a serious threat to the environment and wildlife, and our way of life," said Jasmine Hoye, a director at Ipsos-Eureka.


More Australians are taking action against climate change by recycling and reducing car usage despite being confused about its cause.

Less than one in five Australian's surveyed could cite a specific cause of climate change with generic term 'pollution' nominated 19 per cent, up from 12 per cent in previous years.

Hoye says the climate change message is not getting across: "It is essential that the community receives ongoing feedback to keep climate change relevant in our day to day lives and to increase its tangibility in the minds of Australians."

Water more important

Water is still the number one environmental concern for Australians with water health, wastage and storage topping the poll for the second year in a row.

The drought was also highlighted as a concern followed by renewable energy and illegal waste dumping.

All polled significantly higher than global warming and climate change.