Callout for leaders in Borneo


Have you got the courage to save the endangered orang-utans?

Dr Smits

Selected project leaders will work with Dr Willie Smits, a trained forester who has lived in Borneo since 1985 and has been proactive in organg-utan conservation.

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Project Borneo is looking for ten adventurous, passionate and courageous leaders (aged 18 - 35) to feature in a 3D film and a six part TV series.

These 'real life action heroes' will live in the jungle in Borneo for five months, work with acclaimed scientist Dr Willie Smits and Orangutan Outreach, and report to millions of young people across the globe, connected
via Microsoft's Partners in Learning and the social action network, TakingITGlobal.  

The 3D action documentary, called Project Borneo 3D, will be made by Queensland production company Virgo Productions, in collaboration with National Geographic Entertainment.

If you think you've got what it takes to become one of the project leaders, view the recruitment clip here for information on how to apply to be one of the action heroes. Entrants should create and upload a 90 second video pitch before 5pm April 10, 2011.

Extension of deadline: The closing date for Project Borneo 3D's recruitment applications has been extended from the 18th March to 10th April 17:00 EST. So get cracking and submit your videos now!