Married at a power plant

An Australian couple poses for wedding photos at a coal-fired power plant


Adam and Kristin chose a coal-fired power plant as the backdrop to their wedding photos.

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An Australian couple has forgone the traditional wedding photos with backdrops of beautiful beaches or greenery and instead opted to take their wedding snaps at a coal-fired power station in the state of Western Australia.

The bride and groom say they hope to capture the last days of coal-fired power, which they believe will soon become a relic of the past.

Groom, Adam Shore, 43, was raised in Perth, the capital of WA. He said, "We are here to send a message to Australia that there is no future in coal. We ask the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to commit to phasing out dirty coal and to build a clean, safe, and prosperous energy future for our family and community."

Bride, Kristin Casper, 31, made a passionate plea, "I want to start a family very soon. Coal is not only a major contributor to dangerous climate change; it can also impact the health of my family."

The couple said they hoped world leaders would reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050.

"At this great moment in our personal lives, we have made a commitment to each other and to a clean energy future. Now we are asking the Federal and WA Government to do the same." Shore explained.

Electricity generated from coal provides 42 per cent of Western Australia's power needs. Renewable energy makes up four per cent of the State's electricity.

The newlyweds hope that by their 10th anniversary in 2018, coal will be a technology of the past, and Australia will have embraced a clean renewable and energy efficient future.

The father of the bride, Richard Casper, said ''I am proud of the commitment my daughter and son in law have made. My grand children have a bright future and will be a part of a clean energy economy''.

The wedding party posed for several shots in front of the Muja power plant and asked plant officials to join them in a toast for a "clean and sustainable future for Collie."