Top 10 Eco Movies

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What are the top 10 eco movies? Check them out.


Climbing the walls

Monday, 1 September 2008

Using nature to heat and cool your home is not only carbon-friendly but beautiful, too.

dog and cat

How to make your pet eco-friendly

Friday, 8 August 2008

Pets are great for your wellbeing, but what about their impact on the planet? Are some domestic animals greener than others?

Vintage Fashion

Eco-Chic: Vintage Fashion

Thursday, 10 July 2008

The fashion industry decides what stores should stock and, in collaboration with the media, presents a narrow view of what we should wear. But by deciding to shop in a different way, the style savvy consumer can subvert mainstream fashion and take back control of how and where they spend their fashion dollars.

GM crops

Science usurped in GM debate

Thursday, 10 July 2008

A right-wing columnist recently described me as an anti-GM activist. Actually, I have no beef with genetic modification as a technology. As someone trained in science, I believe that judging whether any technology is good or bad depends on the way it is used.

Australian Gardens at Cranbourne

Red desert

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Dramatic rust-red plains are perhaps the last sight you'd expect to see just 50 km from the Melbourne CBD. But that's the first thing that catches my eye as I enter the Australian Garden at Cranbourne.


Getting rid of snails

Friday, 4 July 2008

Those slimy marauders are not the most welcome of garden guests, but how do you get them out of the garden in a friendly way?

Avita Co-op

LA story: A guide to shopping green in the Hollywood scene

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

If you're headed to Los Angeles, chances are your credit card will start burning a hole in your organic-cotton khakis the moment you touch down at LAX. You want it? It's here. Whether you're looking for a new life, a new body or simply a new wardrobe, this is a city where anything and everything goes.

plastic bag

Plastic bag debate

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

As the world turns away from the once-great plastic bag, its replacements are having some trouble of their own getting the green tick of approval.

genetically modified corn

Guide to GM labelling

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

With an increase in genetically modified (GM) foods on our supermarket shelves it's time to get acquainted with the real meaning behind those controversial initials.

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