The 2013 Green Lifestyle Awards

Green Lifestyle magazine

Want to know who’s doing great things in greening up Australia? Here are the winners of our second annual Green Lifestyle Awards.

Green Lifestyle Awards winners

Aymeric Maudous from EcoXpo with his lucky door prize of a new SodaStream Source, and Michelle Darlington from Seed It Up with her Green Lifestyle Award for 'Garden – company'.

Credit: Caitlin Howlett

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We started the Green Lifestyle Awards to recognise dedication on the part of individuals, companies and non-government organisations in contributing to a more sustainable Australia. It seems more and more of you are making conscious decisions about the things you buy and where you find information about all things green as we had twice as many nominations as for our inaugural awards last year.

On hand to help us come up with the winners and highly commended were five expert judges: author and biodynamic farmer, Patrice Newell; Jon Dee, founder of Australian advocacy organisation DoSomething!; marketing director of the Centre for Social Impact, Matt Perry; director of EcoDirectory Australia, Karel Boele; and Green Lifestyle’s regular contributor, sustainable living advocate, Tanya Ha.

We’ve listed websites for all our winners so you can find out the stories behind this innovative bunch.

Hall of Fame

Winner: Olivia Newtown-John
Olivia has championed such important causes as saving dolphins from unethical fishing practices and stopping clear-fell logging of pristine forest in Tasmania’s Styx Valley. She has lent her voice to those questioning controversial fraccing processes used in coal seam gas mining in Queensland where there are concerns about the impact on ground water among other issues. Check out the next issue of Green Lifestyle for a story on her latest enviroinmental project. www.olivianewton-john.com

People – Local Green Hero

Winner: Gavin Webber
Gavin Webb is a self-described ‘Ordinary Australian man’ who had a ‘green epiphany while watching a documentary’. On his site he posts about his green journey and tips for others to do the same. www.greeningofgavin.com
Highly commended: Aimee Silla
Aimee is a research scientist developing IVF techniques
to breed endangered frog species. www.animals.uwa.edu.au/research/postgrads?profile/1/id/231

Readers’ Choice

Winner: Honest to Goodness
Honest to Goodness is a Sydney-based supplier of quality organic food and wholefoods, operating as importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors and online retailers, with ACO (Australian Certified Organic) accreditation. www.goodness.com.au

Business – Small

Winner: Positive Footprints
Positive Footprints specialises exclusively in designing and constructing sustainable homes, making it easier to only tread lightly on the environment. Its new homes are 8 or 9 star in energy performance and carbon positive. www.positivefootprints.com.au
Highly commended: Bulk whole food
Sells organic, GMO-free wholefoods in bulk to reduce packaging and shipments. www.bulkwholefood.com.au

Business – NGO/NFP

Winner: Smart Living Ballarat
Smart Living Ballarat is an innovative one-stop shop for people seeking information on sustainable living practices. Its goal is to support the Ballarat community to live comfortably while looking after the environment. www.smartlivingballarat.org.au
Highly commended: Alfalfa House
Alfalfa House is an organic whole foods cooperative that runs workshops and classes on sustainability topics. www.alfalfahouse.org

Business – Large

Winner: Australian EthicaL
Australian Ethical has the only superannuation fund to offer its members coal and coal seam gas free investments. It also has the lowest carbon footprint per dollar invested of any fund in the country. www.australianethical.com.au
Highly commended: ecostore
Provides healthy and sustainable skincare products, laundry detergents and cleaning supplies with no nasty chemicals.www.ecostore.com.au

Business – Recycling Initiative

Winner: Rubbish... handle with care! – Clarence Valley Council with DirtGirl
Kids’ TV show dirtgirlworld and Clarence Valley Council created a pilot program, ‘rubbish... handle with care!’, to educate residents to prevent landfill. The program was a success, provoking interest from other councils nationwide. www.dirtgirlworld.com
Highly commended: Reverse Garbage
Reverse garbage has been actively diverting waste from landfill and selling the tonnes of resources on for creative use – or ‘reuse’. www.reversegarbage.org.au

Beauty – Company

Winner: Phytocare
Phytocare’s products, including its petro-chemical free Pure Papaya Ointment, have made the company worthy of this award. Phytocare embraces what nature provides
and produces the most ethical products possible. www.phytocare.com.au
Highly commended: Weleda
Not only a great range of products, Weleda shows truly admirable long-term strong commitments to its suppliers by helping to finance community projects. www.weleda.com.au

Beauty – Product

Winner: Mokosh Rich Face Cream
Mokosh manufactures certified organic and fair trade skin care products. It doesn’t use palm oil and its products are water-free so preservatives aren’t needed and they’re more concentrated. Mokash draws on Ayurveda principles to formulate some of its products. www.mokosh.com.au
Highly commended: Sukin Sensitive Range
Sukin’s gentle cleansing and moisturising products contain carefully selected actives of chamomile, aloe vera and cucumber. www.sukinorganics.com

Fashion – Company

Winner: 3fish
3Fish is passionate about fair trade and its power to tackle extreme poverty. The company goes to long lengths to ensure its fashion products are sweatshop free and environmentally kind – and the clothes look great, too! www.3fish.com.au
Highly commended: Rant Clothing
Rant’s studio is run on Greenpower, uses rainwater, and all cutting and sewing is carried out within 30km. www.rantclothing.com.au

Fashion – Product

Winner: Pure Pod
Pure Pod is Australian-made fashion based on the ethos of ‘sustainability, ethics and education’. Most fabrics are dyed using low-impact processes, free of heavy metals. Pure Pod uses natural materials and its studio runs on green energy. www.purepod.com.au
Highly commended: Bhalo
Limited edition women’s clothing and accessories, made from hand woven and naturally dyed cottons and silks from a fair trade collective in Bangladesh. www.bhalo.com

Transport – Company

Winner: GoGet CarShare
GoGet members have access to a network of cars parked locally and the company has an ever-expanding network of cars in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. www.goget.com.au
Highly commended:
CityCycle Bike Hire in Brisbane + Melbourne Bike Share
These are helping reduce traffic congestion and parking pressures. www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/facilities-recreation/sports-and-leisure/cycling... & www.melbournebikeshare.com.au

Food – Company

Winner: Fry’s Family Products
Fry Group Foods is driven by the Fry family’s passion to create delicious and cruelty-free vegetarian food that has as little impact on the natural environment as possible with emphasis on putting principles over profits. www.frysvegetarian.co.za
Highly commended: Local Organics
Located in Brunswick East, Victoria, it aims to be an affordable, transparent and ethical place to access local seasonal foods, farms and information. www.localorg.com.au

Food – Restaurant

Winner: About Life
About Life aims to be your one-stop-shop for natural products and wholefood nutrition. In each of its stores you’ll find a supermarket, wholefoods café and natural pharmacy plus a catering service and full-sized café. www.aboutlife.com.au
Highly commended: Goodness Me Organics
This Newcastle organic grocer has a cafe catering to all dietary requirements. ww.goodnessmeorganics.com.au

Food – Product

Winner: Republica Coffee
República Coffee is an ethical food company that ensures developing world farmers are paid fairly. Its founder, Jacqueline Arias, aims to build the most ethical food brand
in Australia. It’s
100 per cent fair trade, organic and carbon neutral. www.republicacoffee.com.au
Highly commended: Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher – sausages
Suzy Spoon is the first and only vegetarian butcher in Australia. Her shop is in Enmore, Sydney. www.facebook.com/SuzySpoonsVegetarianButcher

Kids – Product

Winner: Maud N Lil Organic Cotton Soft Toys
This company is a pioneer in the use of organic cotton and confronting the issue of sustainable textiles. Its soft toys are absolutely gorgeous and it’s fantastic to know that they’re safe for children as well. www.maudnlil.com.au
Highly commended: One Colour – woven kids toys
Ethically made by the Kenyan Kenana Knitters social enterprise, using fair trade standards. www.onecolour.com.au

Kids – Company

Winner: mememe productions – Dirtgirlworld
Dirtgirlworld is a kids’ brand celebrating nature, gardening and sustainability. It includes a mobile app that works with augmented reality and special plant markers purchased with packs of organic smart seeds to get kids planting. www.mememe.com.au and www.dirtgirlworld.com
Highly commended:
Darlings Downunder
Specialising in reusable nappies from ethical sources. www.darlingsdownunder.com.au

Garden – Company

Winner: Seed it Up
Seed it Up specialises in organic seeds (old, traditional, open pollinated) to grow fresh food, as well as inspirational products and gifts. It also produces Random Act of Kindness cards and was founded by MasterChef participant Michelle Darlington. www.seed.seeditup.com.au
Highly commended: Green Gecko Studios
This Adelaide garden design business focuses on designing with indigenous plants and creating biodiversity and school vegetable gardens. www.greengeckostudios.com.au

Garden – Product

Winner: Aerobin compost bin
The Aerobin 400 litre compost bin requires no maintenance, produces compost from most waste, including tissues, shredded paper, meat, eggshells and citrus peelings, and does not smell (until you lift the lid!).
Highly commended: Eden Seeds – certified organic seeds
Eden Seeds are old, traditional, open-pollinated varieties, preferably Australian varieties, grown with no chemical treatment or genetic engineering. www.edenseeds.com.au

Garden – Community Group

Winner: Edible Yards
This community project connects people with fresh fruit and vegetables grown by other locals in their suburb. It’s a free service and provides an outlet to share, swap or sell fruit
and vegies. www.edibleyards.com.au
Highly commended: Wayside Chapel’s rooftop vegie garden
This blossoming rooftop community garden opened in July. It’s a community space as well as a place to teach living and vocational skills. www.thewaysidechapel.com

Online Eco Info Site

Winner: Green It Yourself
Created by science and sustainability communicator Lish Fejer, Green It Yourself is designed to help people get green jobs done, such as draught-proofing, changing shower heads and doing simple double glazing.
Highly commended: Greening of Gavin
Gavin Webber has a way of capturing people’s interest and explaining how to accomplish green projects.

Online Eco Shopping site

Winner: State of Green
This site makes it easier to find home lifestyle products that tread lightly on our planet. The online store stocks products for home and living, while the blog provides a central resource to learn about sustainable products. www.stateofgreen.com.au
Highly commended: Tree Hugga
An eco-friendly online shopping spot and active social hub, offering alternatives to mass-produced products. 

Travel Australia – Accommodation

Winner: Paperbark Camp, Jervis Bay
Combining unique luxury tented accommodation with wonderful food and warm hospitality, Paperbark Camp
is a peaceful bush retreat in Jervis Bay, NSW. It provides
visitors with a genuine Australian bush experience that is ecologically sustainable. www.paperbarkcamp.com.au
Highly commended: Bay of Fires Lodge
Great accommodation for the many travellers and hikers in Tasmania’s Bay of Fires area. www.bayoffires.com.au

Travel Australia – Company

Winner: Ecotourism Australia
Ecotourism Australia is the peak national body for the ecotourism industry. Formed in 1991 as a not-for-profit organisation, it has significantly contributed to long-term environmental sustainability in the holiday sphere.
Highly commended: Raw Wildlife Encounters
An eco travel company focused on sustainable future for local communities, wildlife and environment in all destinations. www.rawildlife.com.au

Wellbeing – Company

Winner: Ventis
Ventis ventilates and purifies residential houses by recovering either warmer or cooler air from the roof. The positive pressure ventilation also drives out moisture created in the home due to high humidity levels.
Highly commended: JuJu
JuJu donates its health-conscious reusable menstrual cups to countries where tampons and pads are not readily accessible. www.juju.com.au

Wellbeing – Product

Winner: JuJu
JuJu is a silicon-based, reusable menstrual cup that eliminates plastic pollution created by disposable sanitary products. It lasts for 10 years and saves money. www.juju.com.au
Highly commended: Environmental Toothbrush
From Go Green at Home, it’s made from bamboo and is 100 per cent biodegradable. www.gogreenathome.com.au

Home – Product

Winner: Ecostore – cleaning products
Ecostore cleaning products are plant and mineral based blends of organic herbs, plant extracts and pure essential oils. They are toxin-free, biodegradable, greywater safe and their products are not tested on animals. www.ecostore.com.au
Highly commended: Onya Weigh Bags
Reusable bags for purchasing fruit and vegies in shops, and also storing them. The yarn is made from post consumer bottles collected from recycling plants. www.onyainnovations.com.au

Home – Company

Winner: eTool
eTool is a free, web-based lifecycle assessment tool. Whether you’re building or renovating your own home, designing someone’s home or are a residential builder, eTool can help measure and lower the environmental impact of your design. www.etool.net.au
Highly commended: Sodastream
The SodaStream system lets people carbonate water and flavour their own bubbly beverages at home, saving at least 70 per cent of the eco-impact of buying bottles or cans. www.sodastream.com.au

Home – Water-saving

Winner: Caroma toilet with basin cistern
The Profile 5 cistern with Integrated Hand Basin saves water
by allowing the same water to be used twice – fresh water is first used for hand washing and then flows into the cistern to flush the toilet. www.caroma.com.au
Highly commended: Every drop shower saver
This paddle-like device lets you pause the water while soaping up. www.showersaver.com.au

Home – Energy-saving

Winner: Lifehouse Design
LiFEHOUSE modular houses are based on affordability,
social responsibility and flexibility. They use passive-solar design and create less waste than conventional buildings during their construction. www.lifehousedesign.com.au
Highly commended: Ventis
Ventis ventilates and purifies residential houses by recovering either warmer or cooler air from the roof cavity. www.ventis.com.au