DIY fabric stamp

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A potato stamp is one of the quickest, easiest and most compostable ways to turn a fabric off-cut into a striking scarf, or to pretty-up drab curtains or a tablecloth.

Print Your Own Fabrics

Credit: Louise Lister

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You’ll need:

- A good-sized potato
- A craft or Stanley knife
- Fabric, washed, dried and ironed
- Fabric paint (we used Speedball
water-based, non-toxic paint)
- Paintbrush
- Marker

How to:

Cut the potato in half lengthways or widthways depending on your stamp design. Dry the surface of one half and mark your pattern on it with a marker. Simple shapes with straight lines are easiest.

Using the knife, cut around the edge of the pattern, perpendicular to the potato surface and about 8 mm deep. Then cut away the unwanted area around the pattern in sections until only the raised shape that you want to print remains.

Ensure the patterned surface of the potato is dry and the fabric is laid flat on a solid surface. Brush fabric paint onto the pattern surface only, ensuring it is well covered.

Starting in one corner of the fabric, press the painted side of the potato down firmly on the fabric without moving it around. Lift off the potato and repeat the painting and stamping process until all areas of the fabric you want stamped are covered.

Once dry, place another piece of fabric over your printed fabric and iron for 3–5 minutes (or as instructed on the label of your chosen fabric paint). This will help to set the paint so it won’t run when washed.