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Soon, Australia will have its own unique, growing monument.


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You've heard of the prehistoric stones of Stonehenge in England... well, soon Australia will have its own unique, growing monument that aims to celebrate the beauty of the cycle of life.

Treehenge (www.treehenge.com.au) is a mass-planting of native trees and shrubs at Gladfield in the Condamine Basin in Queensland. This is a region that is one of Queensland’s major food bowls, sitting at the headwaters of Australia’s largest river system, the Murray–Darling.

Trees will be planted into a beautiful, Celtic-inspired shape (pictured right) that will be so large it will be clearly visible from Google Earth and from the air. The shape is modelled on the Celtic eternity knot, denoting wisdom and the linking of ancestors. Because it is a closed path, it has been likened to the interconnectivity of all life on earth.

You can contribute with your own Henge dedication planting, which will not only help to pay for trees and their ongoing management on the site, but will also contribute to more land rehabilitation which is planned right around Australia. As support for Treehenge grows, it is hoped that the site will act as a 'home' and a symbol of the positive change happening right across the nation.

Treehenge is an initiative of Condamine Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting land, water, native plants and wildlife. www.condaminealliance.com.au.