How to: keep your home tidy

Green Lifestyle magazine

A spring clean is imminent so make it less daunting with these everyday tips.


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Declare upon entry.
Put your shoes, purse, bag, keys and coat in the one place near the door to prevent them from being dispersed around the house (and then being unable to find them). A good idea is to place hooks or carry baskets near the entry door.

A tiny tidy.
Every time you enter a room, get into the habit of putting something away that is lying around. You’ll be surprised how clean your house will remain!

Greener cleaning.
Cleaning becomes less complicated when you use just a few all-purpose, natural cleaning products. You’ll breathe easier without harmful chemicals and you’ll have loads more space in the cupboards.

Less is more.
Remove items that you don’t use, as the less you own, the less you have to clean. Check out page 28 of this issue for tips on how to declutter.

Stick to a routine.
It may seem simple, but a good routine is also an effective way to clean. Each time you change clothes, put clean items away and throw dirty clothes in the washing basket. After you cook, wash up or put dishes straight into the dishwasher. And each time the mail arrives, open it and deal with bills promptly.