Choosing water wise plants

Green Lifestyle magazine

Save water (and time) with these low-maintenance plants in your garden.


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Water-wise plants don’t only help out the environment, they also help those of us who are a bit forgetful.

“If you struggle to remember to water your plants, having plants that can survive with irregular watering is essential,” says Matt Leacy, horticulturalist and owner of Landart Landscapes. Here are Matt’s top tips for choosing plants that won’t rack up the water bill this summer.

1. Discern what style of garden you want. According to Matt, aesthetics play a big part in choosing the right water-wise plants for your yard. Those wanting a bit of colour might opt for some acacia, or, for a more structured look, a pyrus capital hedge is ideal.

2. Know your soil type, as this determines how happy your plants will be. “Succulents are a great water wise choice, however they need well drained soil,” says Matt. “So make sure your soil doesn’t contain lots
of clay.”

3. Speak to your local horticulturalist or nursery. These guys can give you loads of advice about which species will need less watering, and will also know what grows best in your region.

4. Take a walk around your local bushland or headland, and have a peek into your neighbours’ yards. “Figuring out what sorts of plants are successfully growing in your area will tell you which plants flourish in your soil and climate,” says Matt.

5. Borrow some gardening books from your neighbours or local library. These will give you a good idea of what your options are, what they look like and how to look after them.