5 minutes with... Harvest Textiles

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We chat to an expert screen-printer about having truely special textiles for the home.


Emma Byrnes from Harvest Textiles.


we love Harvest Textiles' cloud-shaped cushion; it's made from organic linen, hand screen-printed and filled with recycled PET water bottle stuffing.

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Emma Byrnes, Jess Wright, Lara Davies and Frances Wilson all share a passion for community, quality handmade textiles, and sustainability. That’s why they now run Harvest Textiles, where you can not only buy beautiful soft furnishings for the home, you can learn how to make them yourself in one of their expert workshops. We spoke to Emma.

Everyone should try screenprinting at least once in their life because… there is such incredible satisfaction that comes from the moment where you lift up the screen to reveal your printed design. That feeling can actually lead to a screenprinting addiction. Plus it is such a great combination of designing, planning, colour and making mess!

"Being a true artist is about… embracing the flaws and the mistakes and using them to inspire new work.

"Learning how to make something yourself… brings great satisfaction and slows things down, which is a great asset in the busy world we live in.

"One thing that most people don’t know about fabric, but should, is… it improves with age if it is looked after well.

"All fabric in the home should be… something that evokes a positive emotional response – whether it be fabric handed down from grandma, a hand printed piece by a local artisan or something gleaned on travels around the world. It has value beyond just the monetary.

"Our dream is that… people turn back in on their local communities to foster creativity, skill building, positive exchanges and happiness.”

We love:

Harvest’s cloud-shaped cushion
Hand screen-printed in the workshop at Harvest Textiles, this gorgeous raindrop design will bring a smile to your face even on rainy days (click through to second image on this page to see). Filled with 100 per cent recycled PET water bottle stuffing, made from 100 per cent organic linen, and hand sewn just around the corner from Harvest Textiles in Melbourne. $100, www.harvesttextiles.com.au