Bright succulents

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Easy, no-fuss colour for your garden.


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Ideal for low-maintenance landscaping, hanging baskets, patios, pots and even indoors, cacti and succulents can add no-fuss colour to your garden so you can save the water for the vegie patch.

Attila Kapitany created the succulent paradise pictured to the right, of entirely succulents, and he provided us with some tips for caring for them:

“Bright sunny gardens are best with good garden soil that is light and drains well,” says Kapitany.

“Hardware stores and garden centres sell bags of cactus and succulent mix. This is good for tiny miniatures that grow slowly, such as living stones (Lithops) and some small compact cacti varieties. But this mix is not suitable for all types of succulents and, in fact, can be harmful to the Echeveria group [sometimes called ‘hen and chicks’]. They prefer more compost or the general potting mix used for most other plants."

"Cacti and succulents don’t seem to need much fertiliser to survive, however to have them thrive and flower every year, feed them well every spring – most fertilisers will do, at half the recommended strength.”