DIY op shop kitchen

Green Lifestyle magazine

Make a modern set of those random wooden kitchen pieces that infiltrate every op-shop in town with this classic, and easy-to-do idea!


Credit: Photo by Louise Lister

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What you’ll need:

- A collection of wooden items from your local op shop (or your own kitchen).

- A tub of non-toxic paint (we used Bio Wall Paints in Whisper White; www.bioproducts.com.au).

- String.

- Small items to prop up wood once dipped in paint. We used film canisters – egg cartons, upside-down cups and tins could also work depending on the size of your item – we found it worked best if this item was smaller than the base of the painted item.

How to

1. Clean and completely dry each wooden item.

2. Ensure paint is in a container deep enough to dip items into to coat ends. (We had a four litre tub, which was plenty of space). If doing wider wooden bowls you may need to pour paint into a wider, shallower container.

3. For items where it’s possible (such as utensils) tie string around top. Dip the base of these items into the paint and then hold above tub to let as much paint as possible drip off. With the string, tie somewhere it can hang above newspaper and let any remaining excess paint drip off as it dries.

4. For items it isn’t possible to tie string onto, place your small prop-up items on a sheet of newspaper. Holding the top of the items, dip the base into the paint and hold above tub to let as much paint as possible drip off. Place on prop-up items to let any remaining excess drip off as it dries, picking the item up from time to time to check and ensure it’s not sticking.

5. Once dry, use your new set of updated op-shop items proudly!