Top ten: Sustainable future advocates

G Magazine

The top people committed to a creating a sustainable future.


Vandana Shiva (pictured) is a physicist-turned-food-activist who has fought tirelessly for fairer and more environmental agricultural practices in poor countries.

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The (En)Rich List is aimed as a parody of the Forbes Rich List, showing the top 100 people whose contributions have enriched paths to a sustainable future. Here's the first top ten:

1. E.F. Schumacher
2. Herman Daly
3. Donella Meadows
4. Rob Hopkins
5. Serge Latouche
6. Tim Jackson
7. Vandana Shiva
8. Bill McKibben
9. Mahatma Gandhi
10. Bill Mollison

“There are additional ways ‘richness’ can play out, be measured and be celebrated beyond how much material or monetary wealth an individual possesses,” says Donnie Maclurcan, of the Post Growth Institute.

“The people on this list represent wealth that cannot be defined by a dollar value.” Prominent Australians featuring on the list include Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Rachel Botsman, Clive Hamilton and Ian Lowe.

For more info, check out: www.enrichlist.org.