Make your own: seed bombs

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Scatter the suburbs with a little summer sunshine, by bombing your neighbourhood with these sunflower seed balls!


Credit: Photo by Louise Lister

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- What you’ll need:

Air-dry clay
Soil or potting mix
Sunflower seeds
A mixing bowl

- How to:

1. In a bowl, place three parts clay, three parts soil and one part seeds.
2. With your hands, mix well until all ingredients are well combined, adding water in small amounts as you go to ensure it’s the right consistency. It should be similar to cookie dough.
3. Roll into teaspoon-sized balls and leave out to dry for a couple of days.

- And then...

Head into your neighbourhood armed with your seed bombs. Find public space that needs a little bit of loving, whether abandoned lots, unused verges, the side of railway tracks or median strips, and bomb away! Throw the bombs onto the dirt or grass – that’s it! The clay protects the seeds from birds, while the soil will help the seed germinate. It helps if you do it a day or so before a bit of predicted rain. Watch the sunflowers pop up and put a smile on the locals faces!

*** Please note that it's important not to spread feral seeds in case of weed invasion. Consider native seeds if you're concerned about this.

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