Gas versus Electric

gas or electric

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Greenhouse contribution

Coal is the most emissions-intensive form of electricity production; gas cooktops and ovens produce less than half the emissions of comparable electric units.

Whether you buy a gas or electric oven, choose a fan-forced model as they generate up to 35 per cent less greenhouse gas than conventional ovens.

Discarded ovens

Both gas and electric ovens can be shredded for metal recovery and recycling.

About 250,000 electric stoves, cooktops and ovens are discarded each year in Australia and about 70 per cent are shredded for metal recovery.

The Verdict

While we continue to source most electricity from burning coal, gas ovens will be the greener choice for most Australians. They use far less energy overall and produce far less greenhouse gas.

If, however, you have electricity coming from a clean renewable source such as GreenPower, then the electric oven would come out on top because you wouldn't be burning fossil fuel.

If you can manage to live without your roasted lamb and vegies, then give up on ovens all together. Up to 90 per cent of the energy that ovens use is wasted and it is usually much more efficient to use a microwave or stove top to do the job.

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