Garden tips this autumn

G Magazine

Seven jobs to keep the Aussie autumn garden in tip-top shape.


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❖ Toward the end of March is the best time of year to prepare your backyard for a new lawn. Remove old grass, nurture the soil and rake the ground to create a flat and fine texture, ready for planting in April. If you have an established lawn, it’s a great time to repair the warm soil by feeding the lawn with slow release lawn food to develop a strong root system and thicker grass.

❖ Purchase and plant spring bulbs. Consider plants that are good companions for current plants, that suit the current colour scheme and your particular climate.

❖ Weeds are still rife while temperatures are slowly cooling down. Removing weeds will be a necessity until winter arrives in full force.

❖ The enormous amount of autumn leaves which fall can be contributed to your compost pile for great mineral-rich soil to help your garden in spring.

❖ Sowing green crops such as lettuce and rocket can be successful now so long as they are picked regularly. Harvest herbs en masse to delay seeding as it becomes chillier.

❖ Prune your garden to stimulate new growth but avoid pruning back everything in the garden, as you might miss spring blossoms in the process.

❖ Rearrange any plants that need moving before the cold hits. Be aware of preventing plants from drying out in the process and use seaweed products to restore plants in their new space.