Get a cool night’s sleep

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How to keep cool without the air con!


Credit: iStockphoto

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In the brutal heat of an Aussie summer it can be tempting to switch on the air conditioner for a few peaceful hours of slumber. However consider these low impact ways to keep cool first.

- Take a quick cool shower before bed. To boost the power, try using Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 peppermint liquid soap – the menthol will help keep you cool.

- Use natural bedding and avoid synthetics. Same goes for your bed clothes.

- Switch on a portable fan; consider installing a ceiling fan. Using a misting spray bottle on yourself will help the fan’s air chill you. You can also try sitting a large brick of ice in front of the fan.

- For those super hot nights, make use of a few wet wash cloths draped on your body. Keep a bucket of cold water next to the bed to keep refreshing them if you happen to wake up.

- Open windows and keep them unobstructed.