5 minutes with... Sustainable artist, Michelle McCosker

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Guilt-free eco-works of art, made with reclaimed or unwanted materials.

Eco art

McCosker was creative director of the group that transformed this Hills Hoist using recycled materials.

Credit: Matthew Venables

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A day out for Michelle McCosker’s family isn’t your average picnic – it might include rummaging through junkyards, visiting secondhand stores and going to the ‘burbs on council clean-up day to look for materials for her artworks. G had a quick chat with her about some of her favourite things.

"I am fascinated by… the relationship between art, the everyday and the ordinary person.

I use recycled materials because… I wonder when I pick up a discarded object what life it has had up until now. What stories does it have to tell? I have come to realise that nothing is ever expired or dead or useless, just changed or different and beautifully imperfect.

With my work I like to… reconnect people with ideas of transformation and the beauty of the everyday; such as how a squashed bottle-top can become a beautiful jewel.

Recently I was inspired by… a Peruvian baby rattle a friend gave me for my baby made from old bottle tops found on the streets. I am now making a series where the whole rattle is made from reused parts. I have collected ribbon from wrapped gifts along with plastic bag yarn to weave and crotchet the shapes of the rattles."

Michelle’s work was on display at the 2011 Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts & Music Festival, where she was commissioned to do a sculptural piece.