Back to school goodies

G Magazine

It’s that time again, so make sure you set your child a good example with these green back to school eco-items.


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Wooden pencil sharpener

For every pencil you finish, it would take at least 18 pens to write the same amount. Keep kids and pencils sharp with sustainably-sourced recycled timber (made in the European Union).
$3.85, www.greendemon.com.au

Highlighter pencil

Jogging your child’s memory needn’t be associated with the toxic fumes released from conventional highlighters. With a naturally safe fluoro yellow colour, it won’t ever run dry!
$6.30, www.ashnjuls.com.au

One Bottle

Keep those little brains nourished and hydrated with these BPA-free stainless steel water bottles, painted in cute designs they’ll be sure to love with non-toxic paints. Holds 500 mL.
$19.95, www.kindredgifts.com.au

Rethink the need to buy new and check out second-hand textbooks and school supplies at www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au.