5 minutes with… Green Way Up

G Magazine

A crew of four young Sydneysiders are on a bio-diesel fuelled expedition across the globe. G had a chat with one of the boys.


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It’s a greener, younger, newer version of Ewan McGregor’s TV series The Long Way Round. Sydney boys Oscar, Bob, Justin and Chuck initiated the Green Way Up, a bio-diesel fuelled expedition from Tasmania to Norway, all in the name of getting Gen Y talking about environmental sustainability. G had a chat with Oscar just after the boys completed the 12,000 km Australian leg of their adventure.

“One of the funniest things for me so far is… realising how little control we have over this whole thing. We’ve spent two years planning it and we realised quite quickly that there were little things that we didn’t know that could cause big problems.

Hands down for me, the most remarkable palce we’ve been so far is... the Kimberley. We drove through this track where every hundred kilometres there’d be a gorge and you’d think ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever seen’, and then every gorge after that would get consecutively better – you’d be saying it every single time!

The best public transport is… in Norway because they’re powered by human faeces. They’ve got a fleet of about 70 buses powered on poo.

If I could take only one green item to a desert island it would be… our aluminium boat that runs on vegetable oil so I could get home.”

See the boys in a new Nat Geo Adventure TV series The Aussie Way Up, starting Sunday 15 January.