Three of the best: push reel mowers

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The cleaner, greener and easier options for trimming the lawn.


Credit: sxc.hu

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Push reel mowers have changed in 20 years, and they’re now very easy to push! Perfect if you only have a small lawn to maintain, there’s no need for petrol, plus they’re so quiet you can even hear the phone ring. Just bear in mind that some push mowers have trouble cutting grass longer than four inches high, so you might need to mow regularly.

Flymo H40

You won’t get into trouble with this mower; it has a stone guard, hardened steel bottom blade and an adjustable five–blade cutter mounted on ball bearings. Cutting width is 40 cm.
$149, www.flymo.com.au

Ozito LMP-301

At the cheaper end of the spectrum, this narrow 30 cm cutting width handmower is perfect for smaller lawns.
With adjustable cutting heights, it even pushes the grass unidirectionally for a neater looking lawn.
$64, www.ozito.com.au

Garden To Do Morrison Handmower 380

Cutting to a blade width of 38 cm and 1.2–4.5 cm adjustable cut height, it also comes with a lightweight, durable plastic grass catcher that is easy to disengage.
$109, www.masport.com.au