6 jobs for the garden

G Magazine

As the weather warms up, G gives you six quick jobs to keep the garden going through November and December.


Credit: iStockphoto

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❖ Your garden will need more water during the warmer months. Opt for drip irrigation and hand watering with a can wherever possible.

❖ Keep well mulched to maximise water retention. A thinner layer of chunky mulch is best.

❖ Pests and diseases can be particularly rampant during summer. Treat diseases by pruning off affected areas. As for pests, try a herbal-based nonchemical pesticide.

❖ Prune back early 'flowerers' from spring to encourage them to flower again before the summer is out.

❖ Continue to use compost and green manure. Feed plants sparsely and often rather than all in one go.

❖ Now is the perfect time to take cuttings. Swap with friends and neighbours to increase variety.