Multi-purpose beauty products

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Don’t fall for the old ‘rinse and repeat’ consumables, opt for multipurpose, all-in-one beauty products and cut down on packaging waste.


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Bloom Organics Nourishing Body Oil

Rub it in as a deeply nourishing moisturizer on damp skin, use it as a bath oil, a massage oil, to help remove stubborn make up or run a small amount over your locks to smooth flyaway hair. $35, www.bloomcosmetics.com.au

Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek and Lip Balm

A two-in-one for day-to-day touch ups, the Natural Carrot Cheek and Lip Balm is made from natural ingredients with nourishing properties that provide a great dab of colour along with skin benefiting properties. $27.95, www.ereperez.com

Lush Ultrabalm

This all-round beauty with organic jojoba oil and plant waxes can be used for just about anything, and is perfect for vegans avoiding beeswax. Rub on chapped lips or skin, spread over sunburn, soothe abrasions, protect from the elements, fix up cuticles… its uses are unlimited. $7.90, www.lush.com.au

Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure Castile Liquid Soap

It certainly wouldn’t be a list of our favourite multi-use products without Dr Bronner’s amazing soap included. Rich in coconut and olive oils, biodegradable and organic, this soap is great for hair and skin, but is also recommended for any house cleaning projects you can point it at. $7.95, www.drbronners.com.au