Birds in the garden

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All you need to know about bringing these avian friends to your home.


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Wouldn’t it be great to be greeted to the sounds and colours of different native birds in your own backyard? Live happily with your winged friends by considering what birds you want to attract and what areas of the garden you attract them to.

Some birds will provide a natural insect control for your garden. By planting native flowering plants and grasses near your vegies, you’ll attract both nectar, seed and insect-eating birds, which means you’re less likely to have to spray for pests. Most insect-eaters are small birds that like lots of shrubbery and not many open spaces for a variety of shelter.

Birds are more likely to attack fruit trees if they don’t have access to fresh water. Provide either a bird bath, shallow dish or pond. But be careful to keep the water fresh and clean, as stagnant water is perfect for mosquito larvae. You’ll want to see the birds bathing, but it’s also important to have some shelter surrounding the water, as birds feel at their most vulnerable when bathing or drinking.

Cockatoos and other large parrots are notorious for eating new plant growth, especially on spring bulbs and juicy vegetables. A few shiny garden ornaments, such as old CDs, recycled tin foil, or even a disco ball, near precious plants to keep them away from these areas. The ornaments will need to be changed regularly as the birds get accustomed to them.