Top Ten: School holiday activities

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Here are G's favourite kid-friendly eco-fun activities to keep the kids entertained in the school holidays.

Kids holidays

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Build a worm farm

For a simple design using re-purposed materials, check out G's article 'Build your own worm farm'.

Go bike riding

Discover the local bike paths together and encourage good habits early.

Make recycled paper

Crafty kids will love creating their own birthday cards and stationery to use throughout the year. If you don’t own a paper-making kit, search online for the equipment you’ll need.

Master a recipe

Help your kids get skilled-up on how to make home made food. Encourage kids to make ‘no-bake’ treats so they’re not using lots of energy from the oven.

Build or extend a vegie patch

Dirt-digging and produce-collecting is a win-win for kids.

Become a junior scientist

They can sign up to ClimateWatch (www.climatewatch.org.au), count numbers of birds, frogs and other animals and log the data on the website.

Create a work of art

Cut up plastic bottles, paint them and turn them into garden ornaments.

Go camping

What better way to explore the natural world - and realise how reliant we are on electricity?


Enjoy the night skies without having to worry about getting up for school.

Eco-kids courses

Many community groups and councils run green-themed holiday activities for kids. Check with your local council.