Top 10 Ways to Create a Waterwise Garden

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Here's 10 tips for making a waterwise garden

waterwater garden

Credit: iStockphoto

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As the hot summer months approach it is important to ensure gardens are in excellent shape waterwise.

1. Use organic fertiliser to feed hungry plants. This adds nutrients to the soil and helps it retain water.

2. Create mulch from leaves, grass clippings, straw or other shredded garden waste. Leave space around the base of plants to prevent rot. Mulch inhibits weed growth, returns nutrients to soil and reduces water evaporation.

3. Water your garden in the cool of the morning or evening to minimise evaporation.

4. Before watering, dig into the soil a few centimetres. If the soil is moist, wait a few more days.

5. When watering, aim close to the plant base, not at its leaves. This way, youll maximise water getting to where it's needed - the roots.

6. Water for longer periods, less often. This encourages the development of deep root systems, which make plants more drought-tolerant.

7. Use water-efficient devices such as trigger nozzles, watering wands and irrigation timers.

8. Install aqua spikes and drip irrigation to ensure water gets directly to plant roots with minimal evaporation.

9. Re-use greywater from showers, baths and washing machines on ornamentals, lawns and fruit trees.

10. Group plants with similar water requirements together. Thirsty fruit trees and vegetables should be planted near each other while drought tolerant plants occupy another section of the garden.