How to live green while renting

'For rent' sign

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Double glazed windows may not be an option for renters, but there are several ways to achieve a similar effect. Cling film attached to the inside of windows with double sided tape and a blast from the hairdryer should last around one year.

Alternatively, 'bubble-glazing' - securing bubble wrap to the inside of windows bubble side out - has been touted as the poor man's double glazing.

Take control

Getting into good green habits is even more important for renters as it's the one area where you have full control, but the principles are the same regardless of where you live.

All the old favourites make an appearance here - install energy efficient light bulbs, recycle your waste, take shorter showers, sign up to green power and shop sustainably.

See your new abode as a fresh start where you can change your behaviour and get into a new routine.

Small changes on a large scale can make a huge difference - imagine the results if the estimated 2 million Australian renters implemented these changes!

So even while renting, you have more control over your living environment than you may believe.

With a good strategy and a little planning, there's nothing stopping you from reducing your ecological footprint, even while living in someone else's home.


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