The EcoQube C - turning your desk into a farm

A living ecosystem for your home or office

In our modern environments, rarely do we get to interact with living things. We’ve beome so disconnected from our food and the place we live on - Earth. We try to incorporate gardening and outdoor activities into our lives but our typical work and home environments are almost completely sterile.

The EcoQube C is a living ecosystem for your home or office. The aquaponics filter that turns the waste from the fish into fertilizer for the plants, and includes a UV lamp for sterilizing the water and a full-spectrum LED light for boosting the growth of the plants, no matter what the light levels happen to be.

This aquaponics kit is built by Aqua Design Innovations, and is the product of years of experience in building aquatic ecosystem aquariums. They believe that their EcoQube can deliver both the concept and the beauty of aquaponics to a larger audience, and thereby show that aquaponics is the wave of the future of food and water:

"Aquaponics is a clear solution to address many issues of water and food shortages all over the world and we hope the EcoQube can help bring this incredible yet simple solution into our everyday lives and influence the way we perceive the larger issues in the world today. We know there are these horrific things happening but we've been so disconnected with our environment and the negative impacts we make with our everyday decisions."

Kickstarter is all about backers - the more backers ADI gets on the first day, the more it will help them reach their goal. So even if you don't want an EcoQube of your own, but you support ADI and their mission, donating $1 will help them tremendously. So please go to their campaign and back them!

Learn more about the EcoQube C at www.aquaponicsfilter.com

Support ADI by backing their kickstarter here:

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