Eco-Friendly Fuel-Free Mowing service

Push power equipment is gentle both on the earth and your garden.

Need your lawn trimmed or a garden tidy? Check out Jesse Wilson's eco-friendly fuel free mowing service.

Credit: Supplied by Jesse Wilson

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When 19-year-old Jesse Wilson was unable to find work locally, he combined his passion for the environment with old-school elbow grease and launched the only eco-friendly fuel-free mowing service service in NSW.

The resourceful teen has no need of a Whipper Snipper or petrol-powered lawn mower, instead he uses a modern old-style rotary mower for lawns, a telescopic hedge trimmer to tackle high hedges and a rake to gather lawn clippings.

“Push power equipment is actually gentler on the earth and customers' lawns,” says Wilson. “I have a bike I strap all the equipment to and I travel from house to house door knocking for business and collecting recyclable rubbish when I'm not mowing.”

If you live on the Central Coast of NSW and would like to give your lawn or garden some eco-TLC, please visit Jesse’s Facebook page and make a booking.