Green words, by Emma

How to lead a greener lifestyle, with Emma Bowen, our previous editor.

'Tis the season for...


This image is the 'seasonal eating' poster from the current June/July issue of Green Lifestyle magazine. Make sure you pick up your issue before they've sold out!

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For all the things you may read about eating seasonally, there’s a very good reason why the idea pervades and is mentioned so often. It just makes so much damn sense! With so much of our food being trucked interstate and shipped internationally, there’s a rising consciousness of just how crazy this actually is. Suddenly so many are asking, “do I really need to eat a punnet of strawberries in the middle of winter all the way from California?”. The heavy use of fuel, refrigeration and packaging is too huge to ignore. Not having to travel so far means they retain all those essential nutrients we need for our health, while I doubt I have to tell you, that eating seasonally also means saving money not having to fork out for all that transport!

Meanwhile, suddenly food tastes better. Tomatoes in season taste how they are supposed to – full of flavour! And when focusing on what’s in season, I find that I discover more seasonal foods I may not have cooked with before – in turn, expanding my variety of dishes I cook at home. Cooking becomes a little simpler, too, when you can let the good flavour of seasonal food speak for itself.

One thing we’ve come to notice though is that despite best efforts sometimes to cook with seasonal produce, you encounter recipes that pair them up with other ingredients that are out of season. And so we put our gripe to good use and stockpiled some really great seasonal recipe ideas from the folks who spend day in and day out cooking good food. You’re welcome. Find the ideas that will see you through autumn and winter on page 80. We’ve also included a poster that will guide you through the seasonality of food in Australia – a general guide covering all states and territories as best as possible given our diversity of climate!